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We here at Perugia Murder File have always stated that our mission is to preserve the memory of Meredith Kercher. What do we do to accomplish our mission? The philosophy is simple. 

You would think that a web site dedicated to a murder victim would look for ways to keep the victim’s  memory alive such as setting up a college fund in her name or starting a charity to help victims of violence. To this day, we have done absolutely nothing of the sort. There is a section on our website titled “Projects for Meredith” that is empty. Not one of our members  could think of anything they could do to honor the person we gather for. Why? Because that’s simply not how we do things. We honor Meredith in our own special way. We attack people and spread hatred every chance we get. Our leader Peggy Ganong told us that avatars are an excellent way to honor Meredith so we spend a great deal of time working on those. We also know that emoticons are a classic way of showing respect for the dead so we are always working to add new and exciting emoticons. When we are not busy with our emoticons and avatars, we stalk people that disagree with our philosophy. You might be shocked to find out that stalking is another excellent way to honor Meredith. 

Some say that we do not really care about Meredith Kercher but that’s just not true. We are just smart enough to know  that  spewing hatred is the absolute best way to support a murder victim. 
With all the hatred in the air around here, it was no surprise that some people built up a false sense of power. We used to have 2 leaders but Peggy Ganong told us that she needed full control so she devised a plan to steal the website from its creator Michael. Michael did all of the design work and built PMF from the ground up. The site was even stored on his own server. 
Ganong worked with Clandor to hijack the site and make it her own. Michael was devastated of course  and tried to fight back by bringing his site back online at .net instead of org. Unfortunately for Michael, no one knew about .net (the original PMF) because Ganong lied to all of us saying that the site suffered technical problems and needed an overhaul. When the hijacked site came back online, Ganong announced that Michael had moved on and was working on other projects. Ganong convinced us that any talk about Michael was a disservice to Meredith.

We would later find out what happened but we were all cowards and said nothing. A couple of us created the .com site just in case something happened to the original (.net) and the copy (.org). Months would go by without a word said about Michael on .org. I was amazed that every single one of us was too weak to stand up to Ganong. We all just allowed it to happen and continued to worship her every word. Any dissention resulted in a permanent ban. 

Finally, Ergon,  one of the few .net posters came to .org with a comment about .net. This caused a family feud that had been brewing for a long time!
Michael tries to set the record straight: "I'm decidedly unhappy. I've just been informed by a member that a certain Administrator of a certain 'other' site has posted to her members in which she has included the comment that I have decided to "start another board". Since this has been said about me in public, I shall respond in public.

Since I have never "started another board" and have simply continued to maintain the ORIGINAL board I have ALWAYS maintained since I created it (on Sunday, Jan 20, 2008 as is recorded under my avatar...what's said other Admin's join date under her avatar?), I am therefore mystified as to why said Administrator finds it necessary to hide the fact that it is "she" that has "started another board" (a COPY of THIS one ripped off of MY hosting account on MY server in fact) and just bare faced lie about it to her membership. I think they deserve better. As does Meredith. How can someone publicly complain about FOAKers lying to the public about the case, when one is telling lies to thousands of people themselves? What credibility then?

This public comment of hers, was apparently in response to a recent post on her board about this board, posted by a member based here. I just want to state for the record, lest I be blamed for stirring trouble between boards, I didn't request or suggest that post be made over there or know it was going to be made, I heard about it only after the fact.

I just needed to set the record straight. Now I've done so, I can move on."

Ganong responds to Ergon, telling him that it was Michael's decision to start a new board. 
Fly By Night (Randy Jackson) comes to .net and accuses Michael of sending Ergon to .org to promote his site. 

"I wish you well in your new role, Ergon - but you are, as you admit, off to a rather bad start. IMHO, I think there's something troubling about a moderator of one board roaming around, soliciting others with long posts saying "come look at me". It's pure self promotion, and we've seen far too much of that in this case.

All 4 active members at .net are appalled! They all attack Fly by Night for his appearance on .net.
Ganong gets word of the comments made from the 4 active members at .net and immediately issues permanent bans on all of them for .org.  
Ergon is disgusted with Ganong: "It is sad to see those who claim to fight for injustice do so by committing injustice."

(If I were Ganong I would be worried because it is well known that Ergon can change the weather with Meditation. God only knows what else he is capable of!)
Ganong deletes all traces of the feud from .org because she does not want anyone leaving her site to go back to the original PMF. 
Feud Timeline (Will be updated as feud progresses)
After witnessing this feud, has now reached the conclusion that both .org and .net are delusional. Both seem to have a false sense of self-worth. Neither site does anything for Meredith Kercher. They have spent the past 4 years viciously  attacking their detractors, now they have turned on each other. Its sad really. Too bad they didn't use all of that energy to do something, anything at all, for Meredith and her family. 
All board functions have been disabled because this case is over. 
Michael's health takes a turn for the worse. He announces a leave of absence from .net. He leaves the board in the hands of the Weather Whisperer!
Clandor breaks his silence, mocking Michael's computer skills: "Sure, Michael created an account on
A 10 year old can create a free account there in a few minutes.
You can have a look at my "forum" here:

This is what Michael is claiming the rights to. An empty forum created by a website which allows someone with zero computer knowledge to create a forum.
That is worth zero!
What is that without all the posts and the translations?
capealadin continues to be "Outraged" She apparently goes into shock repeating the same word over and over again (outraged). She may need a leave of absence as well. 
SomeAlibi breaks his silence. You remember him right? He is the guy that told us about big knives and little knives. He is known as a big and little knife expert on PMF. 

SomeAlibi tried to defend Ganong but accidentally proved she was a thief. 

"What is true, which Michael has completely forgotten to relay in his version of events, was that when the split became very likely, he took the first action and started deleting access rights to the other co-moderators at the time and actually started deleting their entire profiles."

In the post above, SomeAlibi admits that the spit was very likely. Michael knew they were going to try and steal his forum so he did what he could to take action. Too bad for him tho! Ganong stomped on him, leaving him out in the cold.

Thoughtful runs over to .net to post a screenshot proving Michael was the culprit after all. 
Jools takes a short break from stalking innocent people (her way of showing respect for Meredith and her family) to hit Michael with the lowest blow of the day, Yes she actually did it! She slammed him with the dreaded emoticon sticking out his tongue! She is diabolical!
Stint7 posts up the masturbating emoticon once again in response to someone he disagrees with. Stint7, being the genius that he is, knows that it is completely appropriate to use masturbating emoticons on a site claiming to exist for the sole purpose of preserving the memory of Meredith Kercher, a young woman that was sexually assaulted and murdered. 

Isn't this emoticon a fine tribute to Meredith? 
Michael explains his version of what caused the split. As it turns out, he tried to take the board offline because Ganong was ignoring his posts. He was trying to take his ball and go home. The playground leader (Clandor) stepped in ordering Michael to stand in the corner for a time out. It was then that Ganong and Clandor decided to steal .org. There apparantly was no elaborate plot. This makes the post above that explains the split completely wrong but in the spirit of PMF we will not make any corrections. If you don't understand the reasoning here, you have a lot to learn about PMF culture!  
Ganong states that she feels the Italian Supreme Court will confirm Hellmann's ruling. Upon hearing the news, 26 emoticons commit suicide.